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Product description 20–2020 is a 20mm x 20mm metric 20 series square T-slot profile with four open T-slots, one on each 20mm face. The profile is smooth, which makes it resistant to dirt and debris. 20mm with 5mm T-Slot; 20mm with 6mm T-Slot; 30mm with 8mm T-slot; 40mm with 8mm T-slot; 40mm with 10mm T-slot; 45mm with 10mm T-slot; 60mm with 10mm T-slot. 20 Series, 20mm x 20mm T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusion, TNUTZ Part #EXM-2020. SPECIFICATIONS: Weight = 0.305 lbs/ft (0.454 kg/m) Estimated Area = 0.254 in2 (1.638 cm2) Moment of Inertia = Ix=0.016 in4 (0.67 cm4) Iy=0.016 in4 (0.67 cm4) These extrusions are 100% compatible with the following manufacturers: T-SLOTS. 20QE2020–20mm x 20mm T-Slotted Extrusion — 6mm slot $ 0.70 — $ 19.70. Length (in) Fractional length: Clear: 20QE2020–20mm x 20mm T-Slotted Extrusion — 6mm slot quantity.

We are facing unprecedented challenges with the recent COVID -19 developments, and circumstances are very fluid. We at TNUTZ are closely monitoring the evolving situation, and we remain open for business, to serve our valued customers. Please note that to date we have not incurred any disruptions to our supply chain due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, we will continue to closely monitor the situation, and will keep our customers updated on any impacts or changes to TNUTZ’s operations. Please note that our Sales and Customer Support Team are also set up for remote service capabilities to maintain communication to our customers, in the event of further COVID-19 developments.

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With T-Slot Aluminum, you get more value than you ever would with welded steel. Need flexibility? You’ve got it with t-slot aluminum. Need Versatility? Extruded aluminum has that too. Strong in the hot or the cold, corrosion resistant, extruded aluminum has everything you need to get a project done quickly and efficiently. No need to paint or weld unlike steel parts. Get whatever you need built fast and strong with our metric series profiles of extruded aluminum framing.

T Slot 20mm
T Slot 20mm

The T-slot Extruded Aluminum Advantage

For thousands of years humans have been fabricating useful, pleasing furnishings and other structures for the home and workplace out of an impressive range of materials, including straw, mud, stone, wood, brick, iron, steel, and other metals of various sorts. But it is only within the last hundred years or so that aluminum the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust has been utilized in an ever-increasing number of day-to-day applications. Partly this is because a cost-effective process for extracting aluminum from bauxite ore was not perfected until about 1920. Youtube slots high limit slots.

So there is one great advantage of employing aluminum for structural design purposes: it is plentiful. Its other advantageous properties include strength, lightness, formability, high ductility, and excellent corrosion-resistance. The innate utilitarian value of those properties is vastly magnified when the metal is formed into T-slot aluminum extrusions.

In a nutshell, T-slot aluminum forms the basis of a framing system for creating three-dimensional structural assemblies made with a variety of extruded and fabricated aluminum parts. With this system, each length of extruded aluminum contains one or more T-shaped indentations, or slots, into which various attachments (with ends also shaped like a ‘T’?) conveniently fit and can slide up and down as needed. This allows you to interconnect other T-slotted aluminum parts into even the most complex configurations without having to clamp and weld them together as you would have to do with steel components.

Here are a few of the key advantages of adopting T-slot aluminum solutions to meet your structural design needs.

20mm T Slot


True, steel is harder and ‘stronger.’ But by the same token, aluminum is among the lightest of metals used for modern engineering purposes, with a molecular density one-third that of steel. As a result, it possesses a strength-to-weight ratio that is actually superior to that of steel . Contrary to what you might think, extruded aluminum is strong enough to handle most structural design and assembly applications.

Once you factor in the inconvenience of moving and positioning heavy pieces of steel not to mention the added labor cost of welding or riveting them together, drilling and tapping holes for mounting bolts, and then cleaning, prepping, priming, and painting the surface of the metal then T-slot aluminum becomes an increasingly attractive option if you are seeking cost-effective structural framing solutions.


If it’s tough enough for trucks, military combat vehicles, and commercial airliners, then rest assured that aluminum is tough enough for more prosaic, everyday purposes. One key aspect of this durability is its resistance to rusting. Rust is to steel as rot is to wood. Unlike steel, for all intents and purposes aluminum doesn’t rust at all. A microscopic layer of oxide (which is responsible for the silvery-gray color of anodized aluminum) naturally forms on the surface of the metal and prevents that from happening. You don’t even have to prime and paint it in order to protect it! If any of your project’s aluminum extrusions or other parts never rust, then you’ll never have to replace them saving you money and down-time in the long run.

T Slot Nut 20mm


Finally, one of the most important advantages to using T-slot aluminum extrusions and accessories is that, unlike permanently welded steel, the system is modular by design i.e., it is easily changeable. You can connect, position, and fasten together the aluminum profiles however you’d like, using the appropriate fasteners , connectors , and desired accessories . Later on, as needed, you can then adjust and rearrange them in any configuration you like.

The most common type of aluminum fastener used to fasten parts together is the T-nut: just drop it into the T-slot and then twist it into a locked position. That is so much easier than welding!

But where the real magic happens is in the versatility of our aluminum connectors. Just a partial list would include:


Once you’ve put the finishing touches on the assembly with end caps, casters, cable blocks, machining jigs, tool hangers, cabinet siding, doors, or any of a number of other accessories that we carry, you’re good to go!

For maximum versatility for both both our international and domestic customers, be aware that our T-slot aluminum extrusions come in both metric profiles and inch profiles .

20mm Aluminum T Slot Extrusions

From carts to aquarium stands , from shelves to enclosures , and from ergonomic workbenches to eye-catching signs , Framing Tech T-slot aluminum extrusion systems are designed, machined, and assembled for versatility — and they are built to last.

T Slot 20mm

20mm t slot
20mm t slot

T-Slot Aluminum FAQs

20mm T Slot Nut

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